P.G. Courses

M.Sc., Bio Chemistry

S.NoYear/SemesterTitle of the PaperPaper Code
I Year/ I Semester
1 Paper – 1Cell Dynamics and Environment Biology
2 Paper – 2Chemistry of Macromolecules
3 Paper – 3Human Physiology and Nutrition
4Elective1. Biophysical and Bio organic chemistry
2.Pharmaceutical Biochemistry
3.Plant Biochemistry and Plant Molecular Biology
I Year/ II Semester
5 Compulsory PaperHuman Rights
6Paper – 4Analytical Biochemistry
7Paper – 5Advanced Enzymology
8Paper – 6Intermediary Metabolism
9Elective1. Microbiology
2. Diagnostic Biochemistry
3. Biochemical and Environmental Biology
10Core Practical IIsolation and Characterization studies, Quantitative Analysis and Techniques
11Core Practical IIEnzymology – purification and kinetic Studies and Microbial Biochemistry
II Year/ III Semester
12Advanced EndocrinologyPBC31
13Research MethodologyPBC32
15Elective – IIIImmunologyPBC34A
II Year/ IV Semester
16Molecular BiologyPBC41
17Advanced Clinical BiochemistryPBC42
18Elective IVGenetic EngineeringPBC43C
19Core Practical IIIBiochemical Analysis of Blood and Immunological and Molecular biology TechniquesPBC44
20Core Practical IVHematological Methods and Urine AnalysisPBC45
21Project/ Dissertation with VivaPBC46

M.Phil., Bio – Chemistry

Part – I
  • Research Methodology [HMRM 11Y]
  • Analytical Methods[HMBC 12]
  • Optional [HMBC 13]
Part – II
  • Dissertation [HMBC 14]