Academic Activities 2016 – 2017

Inter Collegiate Competition

III .B.sC., Microbiology students participated the various competition such as Jam ,Spelling, Movie Making, Models, etc., And won various prizes organized by the Department of Biotechnology & Environmental Chemistry "Marudhar Kesari Jain College For Women" held on January 5th 2017.

  • P.Monika-I Prize-Jam
  • S.Saravanan-II Prize-Movie Making
  • P.Nandhini-II Prize-Spelling
  • B.Kavipriya-IIIPrize-Models.

Out Campus Achivements

S.Iyappan & C.Maheshwaran Participated and won special Prize in state level science Model Exhibition, science festival 2017conducted by science city Department of school Education &Government of Tamilnadu on 09.02.2017 to 12.02.2017 at Queen marry's college Chennai.

Prof.A.M.Rajalakshmi Microbiology (Topic-Review of Harmful algal bioom & effective in the Environment) and A.Logeshwaran III B.sC., Microbiology (Topic- Management of hazardous Methane) Participated International level seminar conducted by Thiruvalluvar University on 15.02.2017 to 17.02.2017.

"Bio-Inspired Nano materials and their Applications - 2016" (BIN - 2016)

The college pooja held on 08.6.2016 at k.m.g saminar hall.

Permanant afflication committee members were visited on 14.6.2016 at 10am they were visited microbiology department.

The college reopen on 15.6.2016 for II and III year for the academic year 2016-2017.

To motivate the students of microbiology to participate the class Quiz competition in 13.7.2016 to improve their knowledge, boulders, farness and to show their talent.

Our 25 students 5 teams of III, microbiology were participated the competition and won the prizes of Team 5 (P.Monika, J.Manikandan, C.Manju, Dhanalakshmi, Sandhiya).

Our Head Of the Department, Prof.D.MANIKANDAN were distributed the prizes for the winner and there participans.

II, microbiology students were participated in NSS CAMP from KMG college of arts and science.

Blood donation camp (In campus Activities)

Our student were donated blood in camp

  • G.Dhanush
  • T.Jaya suriya
  • S.vignesh
  • E.Zubeer
  • S.Gokulnath

Above student were donated blood in Apollo Pharmancy camp held on june 2016 at K.M.G college of arts and science.

Our students were donated blood in Government hospital of Gudiyattam held on 22nd june 2016.

  • G.Dhanush

Extra curricular activities (ECA)


Our II year student from microbiology were participated in kabadi organized by APCAS, Kalaviheld on 2016.

Out campus activity (OCA)

1. II, microbiology student were participated in one dey national level seminar organized by the Department of microbiology, Indo American college of arts and science ,cheyyar.

Our student S.vignesh II, microbiology were participated poster presentation.

2., microbiology student were participated in one day national level seminar organized by PGand Research department of microbiology APCAS, Kalavai. Held on 30th august 2016

Our student were presented the paper in the seminar.

3., microbiology and, microbiology student were participated in one day international conference organized by PG and Research department of Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Nutrition, Marudhar kesari jain college for women.held on 29th September 2016.

Our students were presented the poster presentation to won the III prize in the conference in, microbiology student (Kavipriya)

Department of microbiology to organized a freshers dey celebration for, microbiology students by their seniors on 09.9.2016 at K.M.G seminar hall.

The head of the Department in microbiology K.M.G college of arts and science presides over this function and he was given valuable speech about the future of microbiology and distributed to the gifts to the first years followed by the distribution of the gifts.

Also students were performed various events like arranging the alphabets, musical chair, mimicre and etc.,

Also our faculty members were motivated to the freshers students the scope of microbiology and future carrier.

State Level Conference 2016

The Department of Microbiology Organized a State level Seminar on "Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials and Their Application" on 24th August 2016. Dr. D. Gajapathy, Director K.M.G.College of Arts and Science and Dr. M. Jayasri Rani, Principal K.M.G.College of Arts and Science, Were inaugurated and presided over the function. Prof.D.Manikandan, Head,Department of Microbiology Welcomed the gathering. Dr.K.Anantharaj,Head PG & Reasearch Department of Microbiology and Principal,Shanmuga Industries College of Arts and Science Thiruvannamalai was the resource person and he gave a special lecture on "Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials And Their Application". About 221students and 30 faculty members were participated from various colleges to the seminar.

In the afternoon session poster presentation was conducted about 38 teams were participated in this event. Dr.S.F.Lesly Soundaraj. Dr.S.Hepsy Christina Mary from Voorhes College and Prof.A.Mahaboob Ali Islamiah college, were judged poster presentation.

At the end of the program Valectictory Function was held in the presence of the Dr. D. Gajapathy, Director, Dr.M.Jayasri Rani, Principal, Prof.D.Manikandan,Head,Department of Microbiology. Prizes were distributed to the winners of the posters presentation. At last Prof.C.Kavitha. Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology proposed a vote of thanks and Concluded with National Anthem.

Details of Winners

Paper Presentation
S.No Name College Name Place
1. C.Mubeen Ahmed Islamiah college(BOYS) I
Usma Sahfi
2. Lokeshwaran .A
III B.Sc Micro
K.M.G. College of Arts & Science II
III B.Sc Micro
3. P.Monika
III B.Sc Micro
K.M.G. College of Arts & Science III
Shiney Jeba Karunya.A
III B.Sc Micro

1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize