General Instructions

Rules of Attendance and Discipline

  • No student shall absent himself / herself from the college without prior permission. Application for leave must be made in advance to the Principal in the form provided for the purpose through the concerned tutor.
  • If a student absents himself / herself for a week without submitting leave letter his / her name will be removed from the rolls unless he / she can prove that his / her omission to obtain leave was unavoidable.
  • If a student absentsĀ himself / herself in any part of the morning or afternoon session, he / she will be considered absent for half day.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the college during college hours without the prior permission of the Principal. Letters relating to irregular attendance of the student will be sent to parents or guardian. The parents should meet the Principal for remedial action.
  • A student entering the class after the roll-call should report his presence to his / her Associate / Assistant Professor otherwise the student will be marked absent.
  • 75% Attendance is compulsory to appear the University Examinations.
  • The progress report gives an evaluation of performance of the student in the CIA and Model Examination. The periodical progress reports and attendance reports of students will be reviewed by the Principal and the concerned tutor. Students who do not show progress and whose performance is unsatisfactory will not be permitted to appear the University Examination.
  • Except in very special cases, students will not be allowed to absent themselves from CIA and Examinations. Monthly tests will be conducted regularly and mark sheets will be sent to the parent or guardian of each student.
  • Every student on the college roll is assigned to the care of a tutor, one of the members of the staff whom he / she can consult on all matters on which he / she requires advice and guidance.
  • Students are expected to conform to the dress regulations laid down by the college.
  • Students are permitted to represent the college in Inter-collegiate competitions only with the prior permission of the Principal.

Dress Regulation

Every student shall wear clean, decent and respectable dress modest enough for the academic institution.