P.G. Courses

M.Sc. Information Technology


A candidate who has passed the B.Sc. Degree Examination with Mathematics / Statistics of this University or an Examination of any other University accepted by the Syndicate as equivalent thereto shall be permitted to appear and qualify for the Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Information Technology Degree Examination of this University after a Course of two academic years in an affiliated College / Department of this University.

S.No Year/Semester Title of the Paper Subject Code
1 I Year/ I Semester Paper-1 Principles of Communication Systems
2 Paper -2 Object Oriented Programming
3  Paper -3 Data Base Management System
4 Practical -I Object Oriented Programming Lab
5 Practical -II RDBMS Lab
6 Practical -III Visual Programming Lab
7 Elective A)Computer Architecture
B)Discrete Mathematics
C)Operating System
 I Year/ II Semester
1 Paper -4 Visual Programming
2  Paper -5 Computer Networks
3 Compulsory Paper Human Rights
4 Practical-I Object Oriented Programming Lab
5 Practical-II RDBMS Lab
6 Practical-III Visual Programming Lab
7 Elective A)Software Engineering
B) E-Commerce
Switching Techniques
 II Year/ III Semester
1  Paper -6 Internet Programming  PIT 31
2  Paper -7 Mobile Computing  PIT 32
3  Paper -8 Computer Graphics and Multimedia  PIT 33
4 Elective A) JSP and EJB PIT 34A
B)Client Server Computing PIT 34B
C)Image Processing PIT 34C
 II Year/ IV Semester
1  Paper-9 Software Project Management  PIT 41
2  Paper-10 Network Security PIT 42
3  Practical-IV Network Lab  PIT 44
4 Practical-V Internet Programming Lab  PIT 45
5 Practical-VI Graphic & Multimedia Lab  PIT 46
6 Project Project Work / Dissertation and Vivavoce  PIT 47
7 Elective A) High Speed Networks  PIT 43A
8 B) Optical and Satellite Communication  PIT 43B
9 C) Component Technology  PIT 43C