Other Programmes

Apart from curriculum the college is willingly giving training programmes for the various Government Organizations. So far, the department has given the following training programmes.

  • Training programme for School teachers (under SSA scheme)
  • Training for CEO department
  • Training programme for Health department under HMIS, HMS

Academic Year 2017-2018

  • An  Awareness Programme on DVDMS-DRUG VACCINE DISTRIBUTION AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM  was organized by RNTCP-REVISED NATIONAL TUBERCULOSIS CONTROL PROGRAMME Vellore  for the Pharmacists and it was held  in our Campus on 06.12.2017 & 07.12.2017.  Dr.D.Meenakshi, Medical Office, DTC, Vellore, Dr.Priscilla Snehalatha, Senior DRTB Medical Officer, GVMCH, Vellore Co-ordinated the programme with the help of our staff members Prof .N.Venugopal, Prof.R.M.Balamurugan, Prof.G.Bharathkuamr, Prof.K.Rajiv, Mr.M.Dhinakaran Mr.k.Hari.

  • One day NPTEL awarness workshop on “Online Courses” for the faculty members was held on 03-01-2018 at Akilandeshwari College, Wandiwash. Prof. P. Anjugam, Asst.Professor of computer science and Prof. R.M. Balamurugan, Asst.Professor of computer science attended the program.