Research Program

The major areas of research in the department include free radicals and antioxidant defense systems, analysis of medicinal utilities of natural products and preventive strategies for diabetes, heart disease, renal, liver and cancer. Also extended the research in the field of biotechnology in the area of enzymes involved in production of biodiesel, characterization of microorganism, ethanol production and RNA sequencing.

Till date 56 students have been awarded M.Phil degrees. The research supervisors are,
Dr. R. Maheswari, Asst. Prof. S. Karthigaidevi, Dr. J. Thirumagal.

Members of our staff have published papers in leading journals in National and International. The benevolent Management envisions introducing Ph.D., research programme in Biochemistry in the near future.

Vision of the Department

Empowerment of Students through Quality education and showing them the right way to achieve success in the near future. Strengthen the knowledge of the students by organizing and making them to participate in seminar, Workshop special lectures, field visits, Industrial Visit and Bio Quiz.

Name of the Faculty Members